Content Creation

We tell your story through mixed-media

When media meets medtech, the opportunities to move health forward are limitless.

The Opportunity

TMG360 Media combines experts to ensure your organization is set up for success.

Our Services

We combine our team of mixed-media creatives with HealthTech journalists to ensure your brand is set up for success

From PPC advertising to display advertising, SEO to email marketing, we have the tools to help your company succeed online. And, from podcasts to town halls, conferences to whiteboard sessions, multi-camera live shoots to remote virtual filming/bridging, we have the video components to showcase your product and company.

While no one captures the “tech” like we do, our ability to tell the story of the people, places and social influences around the subject is where our award-winning team really shines. Our experienced team of creatives keeps everything in house with pre-production, production and a full post house all under one roof.

Production & Post-Production

Audio & Video Production

We capture HealthTech like no one else in the industry.

We have full-service media production capabilities including: a multi-camera studio, in-house pre-production, production, and post-production services. Our all-star team of passionate creatives at Dragonfly Stories captures healthtech like no one else in the industry. See some client examples below.


Short & long form Video

  • Podcasts, Panels, Presentations, Town Halls, Interviews, Walk and Talks (in-person only).

Additional footage options to intersperse with the video content above or use on their own

  • BROLL (supplemental/alternative footage intercut with the main shot)
  • Tech shoots

Voiceover capabilities to put over footage
Still Photography

Graphics & Branding

  • Lower thirds (introductory text for participants)
  • Locators (showcase location of participants)
  • Intro/outro cards
  • Watermarked logo

Video Editing

  • BROLL (supplemental/alternative footage intercut with the main shot)
  • Tech shoots

LinkedIn Packages
  • Video content recommended specifically for LinkedIn
  • Photos designed for carousel content
  • Still imagery to utilize as a “scroll stop” on LinkedIn
Sample Video

Company Video

As the HealthTech industry becomes more impacted, stakeholders have more choices. Your story may be the deciding factor.

As part of an industry powered by connections, a Signature Company Video is critical to shaping how potential partners view you and influences how stakeholders evaluate your company’s brand, reputation, product, and service, leading to whether or not they want to invest in your vision.


81% of people say trust is a deciding factor in their purchasing decisions. Sharing your story with investors, acquirers, and adopters leads to better understanding, trust, comprehension, receptivity, and perceived value, but most importantly it brings your brand closer to your desired audience.


When you’re competing with others for business, talent, or investor money, this is how you stand out. No one else has your story, but a signature company video crafts a targeted invitation to be a part of your next chapter.