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Many companies connect industry, we engage.

With decades of experience in the HealthTech industry, we understand how to communicate in a heavily regulated and clinically complex environment.


From press releases to publication planning to white papers to speech writing, our dedicated medtech publicists will create a media strategy and outreach campaign tailored to your company’s objectives to ensure you’re reaching the right audience with the right message.

Global Media

Media Outreach, Relations
& Corporate Communications

We tell the untold stories behind healthcare innovation

Our goal is to not only elevate your brand but to develop a winning strategy to ensure your message creates ripples in action, reform, funding, and more.

Leverage our team of seasoned professionals to reach your goals quicker

With a full team of seasoned public relations strategists, writers, and relationship-builders, we use a proven three-step system to ensure your story isn’t lost in the shuffle of ever-changing news—whether in digital or traditional media.

Here are the steps we take on every activation:

Step 1.

The Right Questions.

Whether your PR need is about a company win, an innovative new product, or a life-changing patient story, we ask the right questions to ensure your story has spreadability across several platforms, media types, and outlets.

Step 2.

Proven Strategies.

Focusing on best practices, we join our proven strategies with real-world connections to ensure your organization rises to the top and your brand receives the awareness, sales, and conversions it deserves.

Step 3.

Real Results.

Some call it reporting we call our 3-step system “PR with deep intention.” Providing genuine results for every project, we focus on learning, growing, and applying data to ensure success—one report, one phone call, and one placement at a time.

Global Media

Global Media & Targeted
MedTech Media Coverage

We come from HealthTech intelligence and industry news

Backed by a team of dedicated healthcare journalists and publicists, TMG360 Media has decades-long relationships with the nation’s top news and intelligence organizations and trade media.

General business media

CNBC, Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Entrepreneur, etc.

Healthcare media

Kaiser Health News, ModernHealthcare, Healthline, Harvard Medical Review, MedPage, etc.

Clinical media

MedTechDive, FierceHealthcare, etc.

Science + Technology media

Wired, Fast Company, Science Daily, Popular Mechanics, Scientific American, ZDnet, TechCrunch, etc.

Health Technology media

MD+DI, Journal of Medical Devices, Medical Design, MedGadget, Model N, MedTech Dive, MassDevice, etc.


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