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Client Success Manager

Dominic Romero

Dominic Romero is a marketing and client relation specialist with over 7 years dedicated to the marketing sector. Previously, Dominic has held roles as a marketing coordinator in the financial industry and in the luxury automotive space but has now found his niche in the medtech/healthtech industry where he has been for the past two years.


Dominic brings his wealth of experience and knowledge ranging from account management, project management, strategic planning, social media marketing, data analytics, and design to TMG360 Media. As TMG360’s dedicated client success manager, Dominic has transitioned from behind-the-scenes to being actively involved in client relations, new business development, project management, and corporate strategy.


With a background in marketing, Dominic holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of New Mexico where he received national and local attention as a result of his innovative campaign presentations, photography, and design projects developed for business development conferences and marketing competitions across the country.


“I thrive on creativity, innovation, and strategy. TMG360 Media not only gives me that opportunity but is now the poster child for a brand elevation agency designed for the healthtech industry that has never existed in this space before. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing team that not just understands the industry’s complex and ever-changing environment but has the ability to directly influence it by the work we do every day for our clients.”


A current resident of Arizona, Dominic enjoys fitness, the great outdoors, the vast local art scene, and his small up and coming digital photography business to capture it all.