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VP & Executive Editor

Kayleen M. Brown

Kayleen, the original MedTech Millennial (@MTechMillennial), is a medtech business strategist and HealthTech journalist with 14 years in medical device intelligence and research. In her current role, Kayleen spearheads the agency’s digital storytelling and customized content strategy for clients. She also manages the TMG360 newsroom and the team of healthtech journalists, covering market and industry trends, product launches and government affairs.


“As a healthtech journalist, I’ve been able to tell the story behind the technologies through interviews, roundtables and panels with the industry’s top innovators, investors and stakeholders. As a business strategist, I’ve been able to analyze an organization’s existing processes and apply innovative, automated and scalable solutions. Now, in my new position that combines both roles, I get to not just tell the story but to also be a part of it.”


Kayleen also serves on the steering committee for ScaleHealth’s ScaleOC, a global innovation ecosystem for the health and wellness industry. And is most known for her internationally filmed video interview series, ‘Meet the Innovators.’ Most recently, Kayleen was Founder & Executive Editor of MedTech Strategist’s Community Blog, as well as Senior Writer & Analyst for the medical device intelligence publication, MedTech Strategist. Additionally, she is called to moderate panels at medical technology conferences and to lead commercial strategy roundtables and programs.


Over the last decade and a half, Kayleen has held senior-level positions with some of the top healthcare intelligence companies in the industry: SmartTRAK Business Intelligence, Medtech Insight, Windhover Information, Elsevier Business Intelligence, and Informa PLC. Kayleen’s publishing background includes her role as Editor of The Gateway publication and Submissions Editor for University of California Irvine’s creative journal, Cellador. Outside of medical devices, Kayleen has built sales and marketing teams for several organizations, with the most recent as Vice President of Sales & Marketing for an e-Commerce company.