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SVP, Corporate Communications

Marco Winkler

Transformative. Focused. Driven By Excellence.


“My passion for communicating and storytelling intersects perfectly with my mission to transform healthcare for all.” – Marco Winkler


With over a decade of his career engaged in life sciences and biopharmaceuticals, Marco Winkler is an established thought leader in transformative health sciences. From medicine to medical technology, Marco holds a prolific background that spans go-to-market conceptualization, strategy, and execution. With companies like Pfizer, Boehringer Ingelheim, AstraZeneca  and Amicus Therapeutics, and the brands Jardiance® and Agresso®, Marco’s work is impactful and forward-thinking, creating better patient outcomes by elevating therapies genuinely making a difference. As the SVP of Corporate Communications, Marco elevates TMG 360 Media’s healthcare clients, one story at a time.


Beyond healthcare, Marco is an avid fan of Wagner opera and European history, has traveled from Denver to Dar es Salaam, can be identified in the background of several television shows and recently discovered the joys of puppy parenting.