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Miguel Da Costa

Miguel Costa, President, leads TMG360 Media’s technology initiatives both for the company and its clientele. He supervises emerging technologies and assesses their application to a company’s business strategies and solutions.


An expert in website design and development, he oversees all I.T. back-end and hosting. He serves as the firm’s art director and chief graphic designer, and together with CEO Jamie Hurley, Costa also supervises firm’s digital marketing with a focus on brand awareness and social media engagement


In addition to his role at TMG360, he serves as President and Partner of Lobeline Communications, a leading Los Angeles public relations and digital marketing firm.


Previously, he was an executive and partner in Quick Marketing Group, a Los Angeles agency specializing in cross-platform campaigns for digital start-ups.


Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in information and technology management, he quickly discovered his left brain proclivity for science and technology was matched by right brain passion for art and design.


“I love to help brands grow their online presence through a combination of deep-dive analytics and creative design. Today, every company has to be digitally and media savvy, and it’s exciting to help each client tell their story,” he says.


A resident of Hollywood Hills community of Los Angeles, he enjoys hiking and exploring the city’s many neighborhoods.