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Vice President

Nicole Ager

In her role as Vice President, Marketing of TMG 360 Media, Nicole Ager brings a wealth of experience in marketing ventures, strategic business growth, organizational development and long-term business planning.


In her current role at Dragonfly Stories, a digital-storytelling production company with a specialty in MedTech, she oversees the production from initiation to completion and manages the day-to-day operations. The company is wholly owned by The Mullings Group, a leading MedTech talent-acquisition firm, where she also works closely with founder-CEO Joe Mullings in establishing brand strategy for clients.


A graduate of University of South Carolina, she majored in marketing and management at the Moore School of Business. As a result of her studies, she cultivated an interest in people development as well as a passion for personal growth, which ultimately led to a five-year management and leadership role with lululemon.


“TMG360 Media is a culmination of the innovative digital work that we’ve achieved at The Mullings Group and Dragonfly. With TMG360 Media, we are excited to expand the ways we can support companies in the MedTech space, telling the stories of the people, places, tech and culture that create a brand,” she says.


A resident of south Florida, she enjoys spontaneous adventures, a trip to the beach with a new mystery novel, crushing a workout, and trying new things outside of her comfort zone.